Meet our Trainers and Instructors

Lisa Young Certified Personal Trainer Lisa Raimondi
Certified Personal Trainer
Fitness Professional
LPT Owner

Lisa has over 20 years in the fitness profession. She started her weight loss journey and fitness awareness in her early 20s with her own challenges with weight and nutrition. She started working with better food choices and walking, then moved up to running. In 2003 she received her Personal Training Certification through the American Fitness Professionals and Associates, (AFPA) and worked her way up to Personal Trainer Director for a well established fitness center. She then moved on to study Exercise Science… receiving her Kick-Boxing Certification, Spinning Certification, and Tabata Bootcamp™ Certification. She also taught at Plymouth State University as an adjunct faculty member. Her classes included, Resistance Training Instruction, Core Performance, and Law Enforcement Personal Training. In August of 2010 she opened Lisa’s Personal Training. Having gone through the journey herself, she not only knows how difficult it can be to take those first steps, she also knows how rewarding it is to accomplish those goals. When she is not helping others, Lisa enjoys eating well, hiking, physique training, and platform competitions.

Ronda Kilanowski Certified Barre Trainer Ronda Kilanowski
Certified Personal Trainer
Barre Certified

Ronda is a Certified Personal Trainer through American Fitness Professional Association (AFPA); Certified in Youth Fitness Training through American Sport and Fitness Association and is a Certified Barre instructor from Barre Above. Ronda is Certified Public Accountant working at Malone, Dirubbo & Company, PC for over 28 years. As a business owner who spends many hours at a desk she came to realize the hard way that there has to be a balance of body movement in our life. It is her love of strength training and the change it has made in her life that has given her the passion to help others enrich their own lives through fitness.

Lara Chulack, Certified Personal Trainer at Lisa's Personal Training, Ashland, NH Lara Chulack
Certified Personal Trainer
Lara received the NASM certification for Personal Training in April 2019 and has an MBA from Southern NH University. She has been active all her life and now with a home on the water in the Lakes Region enjoys kayaking, hiking and biking regularly in the summer months, skiing and snowshoeing in winter. Traveling, reading and healthy food are passions too! Strength and conditioning for functional fitness has been her workout of choice for a decade which supports her “movement is medicine” mantra. Lara enjoys helping clients achieve healthier happier lives!

Dustin Diedrich Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist Dee Dee Monahan
Certified Personal Trainer
Dee Dee has been in the fitness industry for over 10 years as a AFAA/NASM certified group fitness instructor and she is the owner and trainer at, NH Adventure Boot Camp. She received her associates degree in Exercise Science 13 years ago and works in a busy outpatient/aquatic facility as a physical therapist assistant. She has participated in a number of sprint triathlons and road races and enjoys being active, whether it be, hiking, biking, kayaking, walking, snowshoeing or just having fun with friends and family. She has recently participated in her first body building competition in the bikini division and loved every part of the experience. So much so, she is looking forward to another show next year. “I am going to continue to strive on being the strongest and healthiest I can be and I am going to work as hard as I can to get there. My passion is to help others find their self confidence, help achieve something they never thought was possible and realize the importance of this being a lifestyle, not a quick fix! Everyone has their own journey, their own struggles. You could be struggling with something that is preventing you from being the best that you can be. I love fitness, I love to help people and I love to have fun. I want to help you find your passion with whatever that may be.”

Olivia Petito Olivia Petito
Olivia is in the process of earning her bachelor’s degree in exercise and sport physiology at Plymouth state. Originally from FL, she has grown up playing hockey since she was 10 years old. She not only fell in love with the sport of hockey, but with the fitness aspect that goes along with hockey as well. Fitness has become her second passion and is she determined to help others find their passion in fitness as well. She spends her free time and summers coaching hockey goalies with ages ranging from 6 years old all the way to 25 years old. In 2018 she was promoted to the off-ice strength and conditioning director for the goaltending school she coaches for and writes programs for the goalies within the school. She has past experience at a personal training studio, as that is where she worked her sophomore year in college, when she attended the University of Massachusetts Boston. She has experience training all ages, as well as clients with special needs, such as Parkinson’s disease. Being a competitive athlete for over 10 years, Olivia is passionate about all things active, including yoga, hiking, weight training, and much more. Her main goal in this industry is to help others lead a healthier lifestyle and become a better version of themselves.