What folks are saying....

I have been getting lots of compliments on how much weight I've lost and how my overall personality seems happier and more energetic. I would like to give a shout out to Ms. Holly Rose at Lisa’s Personal Training. She has been wonderful, hard and direct when she needs to be and understanding when I’m frustrated. Thank you Holly! You have helped not only change my body and physical health, but also given me back hope, drive and happiness that I had lost! ~GB

I just wanted to say “thank you” to Lisa and Dustin... Lisa for giving me the book to read in February of preparing for a Marathon/half and saying yes you can do it! And to Dustin... for getting me prepared not just for one half—but for doing 2 halves in 3 months!!! I’m glad that Ronda introduced me to your place as a Christmas gift last year—It’s the best gift ever! I will be back in November with new goals, just taking a few moments to regroup! Thank you Lisa and Dustin, you guys ROCK! ~PJ

Lisa, I could not have come this far without you! You are my constant coach, cheerleader, and teacher! I look forward to continuing my journey with you! ~KG

Lisa is an amazing trainer! She is positive, energetic, and always giving me new challenges. The training studio is very nice and always clean! ~KCB

Lisa is very motivating and compassionate about what she does. She makes working out fun and rewarding. But, Lisa is not for cry babies, she pushes you to work hard. Be prepared to sweat and be sore. Don’t forget to bring water and a towel! ~CSS

Life changing. ~JA

Lisa has transformed the way I feel and given me back the strength and flexibility I though I’d lost to age and weight issues. I feel terrific! No more aches and pains. This was not the case two years ago, and I am so grateful to have Lisa Young in my life! ~CS

I’ve just started working with Holly and she is fantastic! She pushes me in a positive way and able to modify exercises to compensate for my week knees. I love the personal feel of the studio and would recommend LPT studio to anyone wanting to improve their well-being. ~AG

Lisa, I'm so happy I have you for my Personal Trainer. I have learned a lot from you in the last 6 months. Thanks for being my PT and pushing me to achieve! I wouldn’t be where I am today without your help. Thanks :) ~DL

Jess is the best! No judgment, just encouragement. ~DMD

Lisa and Dustin, I have been working with you for 8 months and you continue to push. Thanks for the help with the weight loss and the journey to my healthy transformation. You have a great group. ~JL

Six sessions down. One of my goals has already been accomplished. I feel better, feel stronger and have lost inches. Lisa gives me the tools I need to accomplish my goals. Lisa you are terrific and I appreciate you very much. You are the best! ~RWK

A comfortable atmosphere for men and women of all ages with knowledgeable, motivating trainers! ~KPY

Started going here in October and I have loved every minute of it! Lisa is amazing at keeping you motivated, providing support, and kicking your butt. She is able to modify workouts if you have an injury or illness and you still manage to leave covered in sweat! Highly recommend Lisa’s Personal Training for anyone looking to improve their fitness and start changing their life! ~PD

It’s beyond good! Between her knowledge, ability to motivate, and genuine care—it is a gem hidden in Ashland. Highly recommended. ~AK

Down a pant size! WooHoo! ~PB

I started working with Jessica at Lisa's Personal Training in May. Working out on my own I was constantly injuring myself. Since I turned 40 this year, one of my goals for the year was to run a marathon. I had run in my first marathon in 2014. I trained on my own and had constant knee pain when I started getting into longer runs. This time around, Jessica helped with my strength training and schedule to make sure I was’'t overdoing it. She also made sure I was eating enough. My favorite text from her was, “you need another snack.” Jessica consistently checked in with me during the week and offered helpful advice if I had any issues. I’m happy to report that I didn’t have any knee pain this time around. I recently ran the Manchester City Marathon. My goal was under 4 hours, which I thought was impossible. Jess came to Manchester on a Sunday to cheer me on. The last two miles were brutal, but Jess was there at the end running with me and motivating me to get to the finish line. I finished in 3:59:14. I’m looking forward to working more with Jess in the future. She’s an amazing trainer, and I believe she went above and beyond for me! ~Renee Webb Liebert